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AOS R&R is a Residency & Retreat Center in the Shawangunk Mountains, 2 hours north of NYC. The property features 20 acres of forest adjacent to Minnewaska State Park. Accommodations include a large renovated garage space with two large studio spaces and a series of yurts to sleep around 20 guests. The center offers opportunities for artists, wellness practitioners and outdoor enthusiasts to rent uninhibited space to pursue their creative endeavors away from the distractions of city life. The center also donates space to a non profit arts organization to support an Artist Residency Program, a program that sponsors artists to participate in a week long residency to develop new works of art.


Hang with artists

We work in partnership with a non profit in NYC to provide artists with a one week residency at our retreat center. The Artist Residency Program sponsors artists, from dance, music, theater, and visual art, to develop new works. We built our retreat center to serve a community of artists, art enthusiasts and anyone who shares the creative spirit.

Live in the round

Stay in a communal yurt or canvas bell tent. Accommodations at our center include a series of round structures that provide a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy circular living. We aspire to cultivate creative spaces and believe that living in the round eliminates negative space and facilitates collaboration.

Hike to a waterfall

With Minnewaska State Park in our backyard, there's an abundance of beautiful nature hikes that include waterfalls, swimming holes, scrub pine forests, high mountain lakes, and exposed rock formations. Most notable is Stony Kill Falls, but there's a handful of other secret locations that we're happy to show you. And there's also great rock climbing and mountain biking nearby.


Once an excavation and paving company, now a residency and retreat center. With a crew of family and friends, we transformed an old garage space and cleared debris scattered throughout the forest. Our place is hand built and community constructed.


Facilities include two large studios, communal kitchen with dining area, spacious bath house with four toilets & four showers, two private guest rooms, yurts, canvas bell tents & camp sites.