Our center offers opportunities for artists, wellness practitioners and outdoor enthusiasts to escape the everyday distractions of city life. We are committed to supporting artists, which includes healers and the healing arts. The center is available to rent for group retreats or individual retreats. Let us know how we can help facilitate the retreat you want to provide

others or yourself.


We provide a large studio for yoga both indoors or outdoors, both locations include great views of the Catskill Mountains. 


There's something special about meditating on a mountain of Shawangunk granite - the rock has the ability to absorb all that inner noise and makes it a little easier to find focus.


There's lots of hiking options - quick twenty minute hikes to nearby swimming holes or three to four hour hikes into Minnewaska State Park.


The kitchen is the best room in the entire place - custom concrete counters, rustic wood trim, windows on all sides, big bluestone island, and space to invite everyone to lend a hand.


Dance is not only an art form,

but a healing modality. An ecstatic dance session is a great way to explore movement individually or within a group dynamic. 


That's my brother, Blake.

He became so relaxed that

he befriended a butterfly.

Good vibes.