Arts On Site NYC and AOS R&R cultivates creative spaces to support artists and encourage community collaboration. With studio spaces in the East Village and the Artist Residency program in upstate NY, Arts On Site is able to provide artists with an expanse of opportunities for artistic development.

Arts On Site began as a monthly Performance Party in a living room in Harlem. The event was an initiative, from professional artists Chelsea Ainsworth, Kyle Netzeband and Adrian Rosas, to connect artists from multiple art forms. And as the event grew, a community of artists grew, and it became apparent that the best way to support the arts in NYC was to build a community of artists supporting other artists.

In 2016, Arts On Site NYC was established as a non profit organization to support the development of artists and encourage community collaboration. With the support of a team of volunteer artists, it opened up two studio spaces in the East Village to offer affordable studio rentals and provide space for community events. The Arts On Site NYC studios are a home for artists from all art forms.

In 2017, Chelsea and Kyle purchased 20 acres of land in upstate New York to begin construction of AOS R&R (Arts On Site Residency and Retreat). In the spring of 2018, Arts On Site NYC will launch the Artist Residency Program with space donated from AOS R&R, sponsoring artists to participate in a week long residency to develop new works of art.


"One of my main take-aways is the value of clean, calm space. The room it made in my brain for new possibility was profound and the realization that I was going to leave after four days was at once heartbreaking and inspiring to bring that element to my daily life. I learned a great lesson in making time and space for beauty (art, life, the belief in hope for the world). It soothes just to think of it. Thank you for that." 

Magdalyn Segale